Assam Mix

Uniqueness of Assam Mix as Micronutrient Fortified Energy Dense Food – 1 The only product in this category which has been developed by the Department of Food & Nutrition, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat -13. The University is renowned for quality academics, research and extension activities. 2. It has been Clinically tested and proved over a period of 30 years that it is nutrient dense food having all essential nutrient required for child’s overall growth and development. 3.The product is pre-cooked and requires no additional cooking. It is ready to eat and easy to feed the child. 4.The product is neutral in taste without any added sugar or salt. This has a major implication in saving the child population from developing diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases in adult stage of life as recent research has claimed. 5.Bureau of Indian Standard (ISI) – IS11536:2007 certified. We are the sixth company in India that has been awarded the license. 6.The protein content in Assam Mix is higher than any non-milk based weaning food available in the market.

Assam Mix (Baby Cereal)

Micronutrient Fortified Food

Keeping in mind our aims and objectives, we have associated with Assam Agricultural University (AAU) mainly to enable us to develop a suitable product using the locally acceptable raw materials.

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Product Description

Assam Mix, is a micro-nutrient fortified food has been developed by Assam Agricultural University (AAU) with the effort of Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Home Sciences, Jorhat and technical knowledge of our company. Focal aim of developing a weaning mix “Assam – Mix”, in the Department of Food and Nutrition, AAU was to formulate a nutrient – dense complimentary food for the infant using locally available and culturally acceptable infant food using prevalent technology for the purpose. This weaning mix was designed to reinforce with a cereal – pulse – oil seed pre-mix, following the guidelines of ICMR, New Delhi. Nutritive values of Assam Mix are almost at par with the costly commercial infant formula like Cerelac, Nestum, etc.

Assam Mix is a supplementary nutritious powder (weaning mix), which can be consumed by children of 6 months (along with mother’s milk) to 6 years and above. This nutritious powder is also suitable for pregnant woman, adolescent girls and people suffering from old age. On the whole anyone who is not able to get a proper diet involving all the essential nutrients can consume this healthy Assam Mix as a supplementary nutrition.

Moreover, the nutritious powders available in the market are not necessarily suited for the children of particular region primarily because the blend of the cereals and pulses in there are not to local taste as well as must not be complying with the digestible properties of the local children. The locally grown raw materials are likely to be more digestible by our children here.

Details Of Assam Mix

Details of the Assam Mix

  1. Product Description – Micronutrient Fortified Food, Weaning Food, Processed Cereal Based Complementary Food.
  2. Main Ingredients – Rice, Dal, Til and Groundnut fortified with vitamins & minerals.
  3. Packaging – 500gms in pouch packing/ boxes.
  4. Expiry -1 year from date of manufacturing.
  5. Technology and Product Development– Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Home Sciences, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat – 785013.

Assam Mix being a Micronutrient Fortified Food/ Energy Dense Food meets the norms and instructions issued by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Women & Child Development vide their letter No. 13-1/2008/CD-I (Part III), Dated 09-05-2012.

Nutritional Information

Parameters Unit ASSAM MIX (our product)Per 100g
1. PROTEIN G 16.8
3. FAT G 2
4. ENERGY Kcal 366
5. IRON mg 5.7
6. FOLIC ACID mcg 27.5
7. VITAMIN C mg 34.9
8. RIBOFLAVIN mg 0.4
9. CALCIUM mg 110
10. PHOSPHORUS mg 258
11. VITAMIN D mcg 6
12. VITAMIN A mcg 367.3
13. COPPER mg 3.2
14. ZINC mg 3.8
15. THIAMINE mg 0.6
16. NIACIN mg 3.5
17. SODIUM mg 47.3
18. POTASSIUM mg 195

Comparison of Assam Mix with other available products in the market

      per 100g per 100g per 100g
 1 PROTEIN g 15 6.5 16.8
 2 CARBOHYDRATE g 68 84.8 71.1
 3 FAT g 9 0.5 2
 4 ENERGY Kcal 413 370 366
 5 IRON mg 10 12 5.7
 6 FOLIC ACID mcg 25 21 27.5
 7 VITAMIN C mg 50 65 34.9
 8 RIBOFLAVIN mg 0.65 0.36 0.4
 9 CALCIUM mg 438 200 110
 10 PHOSPHOROUS mg 350 160 258
 11 VITAMIN D mcg 5 6.25 6
 12 VITAMIN A mcg 360 400 367.3
 13 COPPER mg 0.3 0.3 3.2
 14 ZINC mg 3 2.5 3.8
 15 THIAMINE mg 0.55 0.55 0.6
 16 NIACIN mg 3.5 5 3.5

Comparison of Assam Mix with Mother Horlicks as Pregnant Mother Food

      per 100g per 100g
 1 PROTEIN g 20 16.8
 2 CAROHYDRATE g 62.7 71.1
 3 FAT g 7 2
 4 ENERGY Kcal 394 366
 5 IRON mg 47 5.7
 6 FOLIC ACID mcg 667 27.5
 7 VITAMIN C mg 106.7 34.9
 8 RIBOFLAVIN mg 2.1 0.4
 9 CALCIUM mg 1600 110
 10 PHOSPHOROUS mg 466.7 258
 11 VITAMIN D mcg 3.3 6
 12 VITAMIN A mcg 866.7 367.3
 13 COPPER mg 0.9 3.2
 14 ZINC mg 4 3.8
 15 THIAMINE mg 10.9 0.6
 16 NIACIN mg 12 3.5