Uniqueness of Assam Mix as Micronutrient Fortified Energy Dense Food – 1 The only product in this category which has been developed by the Department of Food & Nutrition, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat -13. The University is renowned for quality academics, research and extension activities. 2. It has been Clinically tested and proved over a period of 30 years that it is nutrient dense food having all essential nutrient required for child’s overall growth and development. 3.The product is pre-cooked and requires no additional cooking. It is ready to eat and easy to feed the child. 4.The product is neutral in taste without any added sugar or salt. This has a major implication in saving the child population from developing diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases in adult stage of life as recent research has claimed. 5.Bureau of Indian Standard (ISI) – IS11536:2007 certified. We are the sixth company in India that has been awarded the license. 6.The protein content in Assam Mix is higher than any non-milk based weaning food available in the market.

Lets take a tour of our Quality Measures!!

Quality Certifications (Click To Expand)

1. FSSAI License No.: 10312002000002 under FSS Act’2006.

          Full form is “The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It has been established under Food Safety and Standard ACT, 2006 which

consolidates various Acts & orders that have hitherto handled food

related issues in various Ministries and Departments. FSSAI has been

created for laying down science based standards for articles of food

and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and

import to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food for human


        FSSAI certificate has now become mandatory for all manufactures,

traders, restaurants and those who are involved in food business)

commonly termed as Food Business Operators (FBOs)

 2. ISI 11536 certified. License No. CM/L-5638882

        Infant food is under mandatory ISI certification and we are the sixth company in india to have the ISI certification. 


3. ISO 22000 certified

    ISO 22000 is a truly international standard suitable for any business

in the entire food chain, including inter-related organizations such

as producers of equipment, packaging material, cleaning agents,

additives and ingredients.

4. HACCP certified

        The Full form of HACCP is “Hazard analysis and critical control

point”. Food production, storage, and distribution monitoring system

for identification and control of associated health hazards. It is

aimed at prevention of contamination, instead of end-product

evaluation. In place of relying on food inspectors to detect food

safety problems, HACCP shifts the responsibility to the food producer

to ensure that the product is safely consumable. Proposed by the Codex

Alimentarius Commissionfor the food industry in general, and meat,

poultry, and seafood industry in particular, it has been adopted by

some 150 countries.


Quality Laboratory (Click To Expand)

Our in-house laboratory is a world-class laboratory and we are proud to announce that we have

in-house facility to do all the required food testing. It is one of its kinds in the region,

enabling us to undertake all kinds of testing which is necessary and sufficient in our field.

The tests that we undertake are:-

Nutritional Information Test –

  • Moisture
  • Protein
  • Total Carbohydrate
  • Total Ash
  • Acid Insoluble Ash
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Total Fat
  • Energy
  • Crude Fibre

Microbiological Test –

  • Bacterial Count
  • Coliform Count
  • Escherichia Coli
  • Yeast and Mould Count

Safety & Hygiene (Click To Expand)

Hygienic condition is maintained at every step in our factory AASRAY CONCEPT FOODS from production to final transportation to ensure that the food is safe and suitable for human consumption. Housekeeping and sanitation is also maintained at every step.

  1. Production: –

Hygienic production is maintained at our factory. Production is done under control contamination from air, soil, water or any other agent used in primary production. Concerned person in production are very responsible and maintained hygiene.

  1. Production area: –

Production section is built in such a way that it is free from any contamination from air or soil. It is located in first floor. We have done the following things to maintain hygiene at our production area –

  1. The surface of walls and floors are painted with food grade epoxy painting which allows adequate cleaning and it has no toxic effect and it is easy to clean, maintain & disinfectant.
  2. Ceilings and overhead fixtures are constructed in such a way, which minimizes the buildup of dirt and shedding of particles.
  3. Windows are easy to clean and are provided with insect proof screen, which restrict the permit of outside flies and dust.
  4. Production area is equipped with insect trapping machine, which traps the insects and flies in the area.
  5. We have adequate means of ventilation to control ambient temperature, control odour, which might affect the suitability of food and control humidity, where necessary to ensure the safety and suitability of food.
  6. We have adequate artificial lighting as well as natural light to enable the undertaking to operate in a hygienic manner.
  7. Equipment and Machines: –

Equipment’s and machines are placed in such a way that it can be adequately cleaned, disinfectant and maintained to avoid contamination of food. The machines are placed in such a way that it can be easily movable for maintenance, cleaning, disinfection, monitoring and inspection. The entire machines are made up of S.S. 304 Grade material, which are non-toxic and can be easily washable.–

  1. Packing Area and Packing Machines: –

Our packing area is totally closed with glass panel and door, which restrict the entry of foreign material in packing. The packing area is provided with A/C, which keeps the room less humid, which ensures food safety and suitability. The packing area is cleaned daily whose sanitation chart is given above with production area.

  1. Storage: –

Our store is in the ground floor, which has adequate space for storing finished goods and raw materials. The store area can be easily cleaned and maintained free from foreign matters and is free from pest and rodent.

  1. Microbiological Examination:– We also take intense care whether any kind of pathogens are entering in our production area by air or through workers. So we do the following steps to restricts the entry of such pathogen and contaminate our food product-
  • Environment exposure test: We do this test on weekly basis to check the air contamination. Here we do the total plate count and yeast and mould count.
  • Swab test: This test is done to check personal hygiene. Randomly from every section one or two workers are taken and their swap is taken. Here also total plate and yeast and mould count is seen.
  • Fumigation: Fumigation test is done in production, packing and quality lab. Using formaldehyde and potassium permanganate in the ration 1:3 monthly twice to prevent air contamination does this.
  1. Personal hygiene and toilet facilities: –

We have the following personal hygiene facilities –

a .Laboratories of appropriate hygiene design.

  1. Adequate cleaning facilities.
  2. Adequate means of washing hands before entering the production area.
  3. All the persons in production & packing area are provided with caps and masks.
  4. Medical examination of all our workers and staffs are done periodically.
  5. Footwear are provided to all the workers and staffs to avoid contamination.
  6. Visitors are also provided with caps and sandals before entering the production area.
  7. Workers personal hygiene is checked daily. It is also seen that hair cutting is ok or not, whether they are wearing cleaned dresses or not and mainly ensure jewelry is not allowed inside the production area.
  8. Eating of tobacco, gutkha and pans are not allowed inside the factory premises.
  9. Pest Control and Drainage System: –

Pests posses a major threat to food safety and suitability so we take lot of care in regulating them. We have an agreement with Pest Control of India whose authorized person come on weekly basis and spray the required pesticide for our company. Doors and windows along with Air and PVC curtains are also made in such a way, which restricts the entry of from outside. And our drainage is well planned and is cleaned on daily basis by sweeper.

  1. Packaging: –

We use well-designed packaging system. The product is packed in food grade wrapper and it is sealed at both the vertically and horizontally. The food grade wrapper is non-toxic and is safe and suitable for our product. The product after food grade wrapper is put inside the packet and finally the packets are put inside the cartoons, so, there is no chance of contamination.

  1. Transportation: –

We use clean conveyance for transporting food. The vehicles are well maintained and covered so that our final product should reach the consumer safety and contamination free. Depending upon the nature of food the vehicle is designed for temperature control and humidity control.