Uniqueness of Assam Mix as Micronutrient Fortified Energy Dense Food – 1 The only product in this category which has been developed by the Department of Food & Nutrition, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat -13. The University is renowned for quality academics, research and extension activities. 2. It has been Clinically tested and proved over a period of 30 years that it is nutrient dense food having all essential nutrient required for child’s overall growth and development. 3.The product is pre-cooked and requires no additional cooking. It is ready to eat and easy to feed the child. 4.The product is neutral in taste without any added sugar or salt. This has a major implication in saving the child population from developing diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases in adult stage of life as recent research has claimed. 5.Bureau of Indian Standard (ISI) – IS11536:2007 certified. We are the sixth company in India that has been awarded the license. 6.The protein content in Assam Mix is higher than any non-milk based weaning food available in the market.

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