Corporate Social Responsibility

Uniqueness of Assam Mix as Micronutrient Fortified Energy Dense Food – 1 The only product in this category which has been developed by the Department of Food & Nutrition, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat -13. The University is renowned for quality academics, research and extension activities. 2. It has been Clinically tested and proved over a period of 30 years that it is nutrient dense food having all essential nutrient required for child’s overall growth and development. 3.The product is pre-cooked and requires no additional cooking. It is ready to eat and easy to feed the child. 4.The product is neutral in taste without any added sugar or salt. This has a major implication in saving the child population from developing diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases in adult stage of life as recent research has claimed. 5.Bureau of Indian Standard (ISI) – IS11536:2007 certified. We are the sixth company in India that has been awarded the license. 6.The protein content in Assam Mix is higher than any non-milk based weaning food available in the market.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company as well as the students of the Dept. of Food and Nutrition, College of Home Sciences, Jorhat has always made the effort to reach the rural population and make them aware about Assam Mix. We have taught Anganwadi members as well as various NGO’s to prepare it using household methods. We are trying to make an impact at micro level. Our main aim is to reach each and every child and mother in the country who are deprived of daily-recommended nutrition.

1. Dr. B. Baruah Cancer Institute

Dr. B. Baruah Cancer Institute is a premier organization for Cancer treatment and research in North East India. We are approach by this hospital from Director Amal Kataky, Superintendent Dr. Borthakur and head of the department, Child oncology Dr. Munilima Hazarika for supply of “Assam Mix”.

We are continuously providing Assam Mix free of cost to the children suffering from cancer. Department has been very appreciative of the product and it is indeed helping the children.

National Nutrition week


Aasray Nutrition Initiative (R&D) with association of Assam Agriculture University celebrated National Nutrition Week from 1st to 7th Septemeber’2014 through out Assam. The national theme of the nutrition week this year as announced by Ministry of Women & Child Development is “POSHAK AAHAR, DESH KA AADHAR”

On the first day of the week 01.09.2014, in its initiative, Aasray Nutrition Initiative (R&D) organized an art competition for hearing impaired children and slogan competition for visually impaired children in the School of Hearing and Visually impaired at Jorhat. The event was graced by the presence of Deputy Commissioner Jorhat, Additional Deputy Commissioner Jorhat (ICDS), District Social Welfare Officer, Principal of the School, Dr BasantiBaroova – Chief Advisor Nutrition – Aasray Concept Foods along with other representatives of the company, District Administration and AAU. In his address to the children, DC emphasized on the importance of Nutrition and the grave problem of malnutrition our state and nation is facing. He urged everybody present to come forward and make the district malnutrition free. He also congratulated AAU and Aasray Nutrition Initiative for their effort of distributing almost 60000 packets of Assam Mix to the children of Jorhat District in various ICDS projects of the state. DrBasantiBaroova also gave the children and their parents valuable tips to be healthy and enjoy the fruits of proper diet. Principal of the School, MrsNirodaDeori thanked the district administration and Aasray Nutrition Initiative to consider their school for such a noble cause.

On 02.09.2014 the event was held at Sacklatinga Tea Estate of Jorhat District. It must be noted here that the tea estate area of Assam is worst effected with malnutrition in both children as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. To sensitize the people of tea estate, an art competition was held at the elementary school of Saklatinga Tea Estate. Children also planted fruit trees and ensured the organizers that they will take good care of the tress. Occasion was also graced by the Anganwadi workers of the North West Jorhat ICDS project, manager of the tea estate, teachers of the school, parents and children. DrBasantiBaroova showed the children proper way of hand washing and gave them lecture on health and sanitation. Everyone present was surprised by the drawings of the children of the tea estate. Art was exemplary and we heard the manager saying that if a tea vendor can become the prime minister of the country, day is not far when a child from a tea estate of Assam can run the country.

On 04.09.2014, the event was held at AkshayPatra, Amingaon. Aasray Nutrition Initiative (R&D) in its effort to sensitize the young minds of the region arranged a field trip of MBA students of Gauhati University to the factory of AkshayPatra Foundation in Amingaon, Guwahati. AkshayPatra foundation provides mid day meal for around 56,000 children in Guwahati schools everyday. Through this event organizers wanted that the young minds of our region realize the problem of malnutrition and also get to see the solutions which are there to tackle the problem. DrBasantiBaroova in her address to the students clearly mentioned that India can never become a developed nation unless we reduce our infant mortality rate. Oragnisers urged the students to come up with solutions to address this grave issue of malnutrition and as charity begins at home, they were urged to stop eating fast food and take care of their diet and health for strong India.

On 04.09.2014 at the eve of Teacher’s day, organisers provided healthy food to the under privileged children of Bhaskar Nagar Slums of Guwahati. The event was organized in association with Indian Council of Child Welfare. Seeing the depleted condition of the children in the slums moved us. Almost all the children were suffering from some kind of skin disease. Lack of sanitation facilities and malnutrition had plagued the area. DrBasantiBaroova urged the women of the area to use clean safe water and mix neem leaves when the children take bath. She also gave them tips of various inexpensive and endogenously grown materials that they can use for better health and cleanliness.

As grand finale for the week on 06.09.2014 Aasray Nutrition Initiative (R&D) organized a Scientific Deliberation in connection with the celebration of National Nutrition Week. The deliberation consisted of a scientific talk on infant nutrition and interactive sessions amongst the health experts, Dieticians, Pediatrician and Govt. officials linked with the welfare and development of Human Resource. The event was held at Pragati Manor Hotel, Guwahati from 5pm onwards. The chief guest of the event was MrJanardanBezbaruah founder of ShashikantaBezbaruah Memorial Ayurvedic Institute. All the distinguished dieticians and nutritionist of various hospitals and nursing home of Guwahati were present and came forward with their suggestion of removing malnutrition from the country. DrBasantiBaroova in her scientific deliberation spoke of the less told story of the most important 1000 days of a mother’s life. Proper understanding of 1,000 days journey between woman’s pregnancy and her child’s 2nd birthday offers a UNIQUE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to shape HEALTHIER and more PROSPEROUS futures. She clearly mentioned that mother’s milk is best for baby for 0-6 months and the importance of supplementary nutrition from 6 months onwards cannot be ignored. Weaning is the process of moving a baby from a milk only diet, to a combination of milk and semi solid and solid food. Lack of knowledge of proper weaning food is the major reason behind malnutrition. To emphasis of weaning food, she introduced to the house a supplementary nutrtion which she developed 35 years back as a profeesor of Department of Food & Nutrition, College of Home Science AAU.

The Deputy Commissioner Jorhat approached  us for supply of ‘Assam Mix’ to the 26 malnourished child of Jorhat district.

We are approached by SEWA BHARATI to donate ‘Assam Mix’ at Kamrup Rural area  for flood victim people.